Glow is a distinctive art studio, designed for personalizing candles.

Select a shape.

Glow carries dozens of shapes and sizes of molds for you to start your project. There are candles for every budget—small votives start at $9, but most are around $25. 


Select a fragrance


We have more than 60 scents for you to try; some are elemental therapeutic scents like eucalyptus and amber, and many are homey blends like Spiced Cider and Cucumber-Melon. Chose one or create your own individual fragrance.


 A pip is a small wax shape—a heart or star or letter for instance—that you stick to the wall of your mold with a bit of soft wax. When the candle is removed from its mold the pips leave images in the flat surfaces. There are infinite patterns and combinations of pips; they come in a range of colors, shapes and sizes, and we are adding new ones all the time. Pips are free.

Fill the Mold with Chunks of Wax

Our pillar candles are made by filling the mold with chunks of wax, and then we pour HOT WAX into the mold.